Hi, this is Kay.
I'm into (analogue) photography, film, feminism and programming, and organise (free) tech events for women while pursuing a BSc in Computer Science.
You can find me on:
You can also e-mail me at sweet2016[at]thisdomainname
Tech folks might want to know about Techtrrrs, a non-profit I founded to connect women interested in tech in Vienna & Austria.
To support what I do, you can get me 'stuff' off my Amazon .de or .uk lists. You can also flattr my contents on Twitter, GitHub, Flickr and Thingiverse. – This broke student says thanks. <3
If you have ideas for collaborations on art or art & tech projects (esp. involving photography, film, music video, music), I'd be delighted for you to get in touch.
I'm also looking to get involved in film / quality television and would love to take 'old-school' Polaroid instant (promo) photographs for series like Halt and Catch Fire, so if you happen to know someone who knows someone.....
2016-09-15 talk at PyCon UK [Cardiff, UK]
2016-10-28-30 photo exhibit at MozFest [London, UK]
Art (selection):
80s Child, The Recompiler, 2015
POLADARIUM, first issue, 2012
Concerning Transitive Closure (photography), 2010
Resource Magazine, 2008
Featured (selection):
Techtrrrs: "Man ist als Frau oft alleine in der Technik", futurezone.at, 2015 [de]
Geekettes, mischt die Szene auf!, derstandard.at, 2015 [de]