Hi, this is Kay.

I'm into (analogue) photography, film, feminism and programming and just wrote a BSc thesis on women technologists in film & TV.

Currently, I'm looking to work either in tech (Python, JavaScript, interdisciplinary projects) or film/quality TV (creative roles relating to my photographic work or writing) or both (consulting; see my thesis topic).

Find me on:

Or e-mail me at 2017isprime[at]thisdomainname (valid through 2017).

I'm also the founder of Techtrrrs, which connects women interested in tech in Vienna & Austria.

If you like what I do and want to support me in a small way, you can get me books off my Amazon .com, .co.uk or .de list. You can also flattr my contents on Twitter, GitHub, Flickr and Thingiverse. Let me know when you do so I can say thanks!

I always like to hear about ideas for collaborations on art or art & tech projects – esp. ones involving photography, film, music video, music – so if you want to work on something together, I'd love for you to get in touch.

80s Child, MozFest [London, UK], 2016
80s Child, The Recompiler, 2015
POLADARIUM, first issue, 2012
Concerning Transitive Closure (photography), 2010
Resource Magazine, 2008

Presentations & Writing:
Twitter Bot Basics with Python,
PyCon US, 05/2017 « upcoming

Halt and Watch This: Representation of Women in Tech and The Importance of Relatable Characters in Film & TV,
Model View Culture, 10/2016
Taking the robot out of Mr. Robot or: Why tech sucks
& how you can help to make it better
PyCon UK, 09/2016
accepted speaker for re:publica, 2014

Techtrrrs: "Man ist als Frau oft alleine in der Technik", futurezone.at [de], 2015 
Geekettes, mischt die Szene auf!, derstandard.at [de], 2015